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A Letter From our AEA President:

Greetings, AEA,

I wanted to take a moment to send you a message to show thanks and praise for the tireless work that you pour into our classrooms each and everyday. This was a harder task than I expected. How do you properly thank a person for putting their heart and soul into creating a better more compassionate and innovative community? How do you properly recognize someone who has the power to shape and change the direction of our future? How do you properly thank a Super Hero? I saw a post this past weekend on social media that asked if you could remember the name of every teacher you ever had.  It got me thinking, so I sat down and thought about the history of my schooling.  It started with Mr. Friscia, my Kindergarten teacher who knew how to make us laugh.  I remember asking for a tissue because my nose was running, to which he replied, "Really, what color sneakers is it wearing?".  I still laugh at that one. His sense of humor and smile every single day gave me the foundation of love for school. In middle school, I started to lose that love and excitement for learning and getting up early. I spent a good amount of the 3rd marking period of 6th grade in the hospital.  My whole 6th grade team of teachers came to visit me and sat with me in the hospital. They brought cards from all my classmates and a banner that they hung in my hospital room. They showed me a sense of love and family.  I remember Mr. Fallon my high school History teacher who challenged me everyday in class to think "outside the box".  He pushed me to not only excel and love history but to build a sense of confidence and come out of my shell.  As I look back I realize the impact they each had on me and how I often channel their spirit in my own classroom and in my everyday life.  Our impact as educators last a lifetime and goes infinitely farther than we can ever imagine.  When you feel unappreciated, take a moment and reflect on those educators that had a profound impact on your life and realize that you are that educator to someone else.

In Unity,

Jenn Smith


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