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AEA Minutes

The AEA Rep Council now meets the 3rd Thursday of every month at Redding Middle School. Minutes for the 2019/2020 meetings will be posted here after they are approved at the following month's Rep. Council meeting.

Combined Salary Scale

You can check on your currect salary with the document below. Both the  state and local scales are on the document.The amounts are combined  to give you the total salary you earn for your position/years of
experience/education level.      See the attachment below:


Employee Grievance Forms

A "grievance" is a claim by an employee or the Association that the terms of the contract  have been violated, misinterpreted, or misapplied, with the result being an employee's rights being abridged.  There are four possible levels to a grievance, which are defined and detailed in the contract (Article 3.6).... The following document(s) include not only the official grievance form, but also further explanation of the process and how a grievance/arbitration hearing is handled.


Contract Waiver Form

If a member requests that an exception to the contract terms be established in order to solve a unique issue, the building principal will request a contract waiver in writing (see Appendix D). The Superintendent or designee will meet with the Association President(s) to review the waiver request and try to reach a mutually agreeable position. If a mutually agreeable position cannot be reached, the terms of this Agreement shall remain in force.

EPER Pay Scale

This is the EPER pay scale.  Find the position, identify what letter classification it has, then match that up with the pay-table to determine how much it pays.  Remember that the pay is determined by the “class” of the position and the number of years an individual has held the position.