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AEA Executive Board and Committee Chairpersons


AEA Leadership Team

President    * Jennifer O' Brien (Old State Elementary)
Vice President * Chris Jones (Middletown High School)
Secretary  *  Jennifer Mounts (Redding Middle School)
Treasurer  *  Andrew Shatley (Appoquinimink High School)

       * Lindsay Baker  (Middletown High School) 
       * Steven Byers (Middletown High School)
       * Michael Hope ( Alfred G. Waters Middle School)
       * Mike McKibbon  (Meredith Middle School)
       * Laurie Laise (Middletown High School) 
       * Margaret Woodock (Redding Middle School)

Legislative Chair   * Steven Byers (Middletown High School)
Membership Chair * Margaret Woodock (Redding Middle School)
Special Education Liaison Chair:  * Angela McClung (Cedar Lane Early Childhood Center)
DSEA UniServ Director  Val Hoffmann 

Building Representatives (to be updated after building elections are held)
       *  Appoquinimink PreSchool Center:  
       *  Cedar Lane Early Childhood Center:  
       *  Townsend Early Childhood Center:   

       * Spring Meadow Early Childhood Center:  

       *Cedar Lane Elementary: 
       *  Townsend Elementary:  
       *  Olive B. Loss Elementary:  
       * Old State Elementary: 
       *  Brick Mill Elementary:  
       *  Bunker Hill Elementary:  
       *  Everett Meredith Middle:  
       *  Redding Middle:   
       *  Alfred G. Waters Middle
       *  Middletown High:   
       *  Appoquinimink High: